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PROF. J. Baldwin

Prof. Sir Jack Baldwin, FRS, Ph.D., served the Waynflette Professor of Organic Chemistry, Dyson Perrins Laboratory of Oxford University, Oxford, UK for over 20 years. Prof. Baldwin served as an Assistant Lecturer at Imperial College in 1963 and continued to collaborate with Sir Derek Barton. Since 1967, he moved across the Atlantic and joined Pennsylvania State University as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and moved to the rank of Associate Professor in 1969. In 1970, he joined the chemistry department of Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an Associate Professor and was appointed as a full Professor in 1971. In March 1972, he came back to the UK as the Daniel Professor of Chemistry at King's College and returned to MIT in November 1972 as the Professor of Chemistry. He was knighted in 1997 for his seminal contributions across a broad span of synthetic, mechanistic and biological chemistry.

J. Baldwin J. Baldwin
Last updated: Aug 28, 2018