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Any nomination of scientists of public or private Universities, or Government Institutes or of industrial laboratories, can be taken into consideration with the following limitations:


  • The prize cannot be given twice to the same person or persons
  • Members of the Committee cannot be candidates, nor can they propose candidates
  • Candidates should not be older than 50 years of age at the moment the Prize is attributed by the jury


Nomination Procedure:

The Janssen Prize will be announced in the scientific press. Any scientist competent in the field may make nominations, but a candidate cannot propose himself. Nominations are confidential. The deadline for nomination is given in each announcement of the Prize.

Nominations should be comprised of a letter and brief biographical description with a list of selected publications and two letters of recommendation.


The Janssen Prize Committee is composed of the President and eight members, competent in the field of organic chemistry. The President is appointed for six years and cannot be re-elected. Two members of the Committee are replaced every other year by co-optation of two new members, taking into account seniorship and geographical distribution. At least one member of the Committee will be of Belgian nationality or full time employed in Belgium. The Committee votes by mail. The decision of the Committee will be submitted to Janssen R&D who will approve and formally announce the name of the laureate.


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Last updated: Aug 28, 2018